Digital Tools for Successful Book Marketing

The Wiley Author’s Guide to Online Marketing and Publicity is designed to give you the tools that you need connect with readers and make your book a success. We focus on simple steps, how to’s, and free solutions that will be well worth the investment of your time and show you how other Wiley authors have put these tools to use.

This website’s flexible organization allows you to choose what’s most important to you. Use the top navigation find tools specific to the stages of publication:

  • Before Publication outlines the steps you should take to lay the groundwork for a successful launch, including four simple things you can do to help promote your book online.
  • At Publication shows you how to spread the word effectively, build buzz, and help drive sales to online booksellers.
  • After Publication details what you can do to add momentum to your book marketing promotion campaign and further increase sales.

Here’s a quick list of what to do when.

Or use the navigation on the left to find specific advice for building a following through social networks, working effectively with digital booksellers, communicating through email, or building a website or blog.

Visit the Author Checklist to get a concise overview of everything we suggest an author do to usher his/her book to success.

We are here to help, so please use the feedback links to let us know if there is more that you’d like to learn.