Four simple things you can do to help promote your book online

1. Add sales information for your book to your email auto-signature. This should include the book’s title, ISBN, in-store date, and link your website, blog, or “buy the book” page. If you’re on Twitter or have a fan page on Facebook, include the link to that as well. Your book should be available online six months prior to publication. Here’s an example:
Your Name
Author of ___________
In-store date

2. Add “author of” to all bylines. Whenever you write articles, make sure the byline includes your title information.

3. Let us know about media contacts. Let your editor know about any media who’ve said they’ll have you on when the book comes out and develop a list of media blurbers with your editor, remembering that if they give you a blurb pre-publication they may not be able to interview you/cover you later.

4. Link to global booksellers. If you have a sizable client, customer, or employee base outside the United States, it would be great to also include links to the prominent online booksellers in those countries. For example, for Canada, you would include links to your book’s product page on and Please contact your marketer if you’d like us to supply you with specific foreign online booksellers.