Reach Out to Your Personal Contacts with Email

Start pulling together a list of everyone you are in regular contact with:

  • Clients
  • Colleagues
  • Friends and family
  • Friendly rivals
  • Fellow alums
  • Your holiday card mailing list… In fact, anyone and everyone with a connection to you.

These are the people who will help to spread the word about your book in the most personal and powerful way. They know and respect you. They will be happy to buy your book and, just as importantly, spread the word. This list can become one of your most valuable assets in managing your personal brand — for your book and beyond. Take every opportunity to continue to grow it.

Ways to build their interest before publication:

  • Send an email when you’ve delivered the manuscript, describing your excitement at finishing!
  • Send another (or Google+ or Facebook post, or tweet) when you’re finalizing the title; when you first see a jacket design; when the book becomes available for preordering.
  • Give them links to your website, blog, and Facebook fan page. Encourage them to view your video on YouTube or follow you on Twitter.
  • Include a link to something you’ve written that they will find particularly interesting – this will pique their interest and engage them
  • Add a mention to your “signature file” that goes out with every email message – see sample below.
  • And of course, ask them to spread the word. Every mention will help you to grow your list of followers and well-wishers, and increase your platform. If you have particular friends who are “key influencers” – with broad reach and trust in your target market – talk to your editor about getting them an advance reading copy of the manuscript.

Sample email announcing your book’s publication:

Hello from NYC,
I hope that all is well with you. I wanted to send you a quick heads-up that I’ve published my first book with Wiley. It’s titled “_______________” and is about __________.
You can read an excerpt on my website

You can buy a copy at your local bookstore, or online at
Thanks. I’d love to hear what you think about it and please spread the word!
Your Name

Author of ___________

In-store date

Sample “signature file” mention attached to every email you send:

Author of “______________,” available everywhere month/year.
[Add a great review quote once the book publishes.]

A final note:

If you know that you’ll be sending an email to a significant number of people and driving them to booksellers — or if your friends have access to significant email lists themselves — let your editor or marketer know. This can help us to get additional attention for your title.