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Author blogs and websites

Visit these examples of great Wiley author blogs and websites. They are robust, engaging, and provide a great platform for their authors.

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These authors did a particularly good job of leveraging their firms’ websites, making book promotion an extension of their online presence:

Facebook fan pages.

These authors have done a terrific job of building community through Facebook.

Learn how to do a podcast from your home.

Visit Blog Talk Radio for more information.

Twitter feeds worth following.

We think that these people do a great job of using Twitter and suggest you may want to follow them as you learn your way around:

Learn more about social networking from a fellow Wiley author.

Lon Safko, author of The Social Media Bible, has a website with many terrific resources, most available for free, and available for download. Find them by going to the Resources link on his website.

What you can do every day.

We love this list. It’s a very clear list of things that you can do to build your online community. It was developed by Wiley author Chris Brogan and is a fantastic resource.

Author videos.

We think that these authors have used video to great effect and think that they serve as good models should you decide to create your own author video.

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Royalty-free music.

These sites are good resources for finding royalty-free music to
use in your author video.

Send out a press release.

You don’t need a publicist to send out a press release! Just tell your story to your intended audience, post the press release to the web, and link to your website so they can learn more about you, read an excerpt, and buy the book. Visit PRWeb to find out how.

Author-organized webinars.

Brian Knight, one of our Wrox authors, has put together a two-week webinar series focusing on SQL Server and Business Intelligence. Each of the attendees receives a sample chapter of the book featured in the session with links to the “Buy the Book” page (www.wiley.com/buy/ISBN).